CCS offers students a tuition-free education that also covers school supplies, a uniform, and daily lunches; it is often these auxiliary expenses that keep students out of the classroom.

Because family involvement is an important component of keeping kids in school, all school families are required to partner with the school through the lunch program, school maintenance, quarterly grade-card events and parenting seminars. To give parents a sense of financial contribution toward the education of their children, each family pays a minimal monthly contribution of 50 pesos per child.

CCS recognizes that children living in poverty typically have gaps in their educational skills due to inconsistent or no schooling. Therefore, CCS initially places students in grades based on their skill level rather than age, keeping class sizes small in order to help students learn and catch up.

Cuatro Christian School also recognizes that education alone is not the answer for our students. To break the cycle of poverty and to bring about lasting hope for change in their lives, biblical truths are incorporated into their curriculum and taught and modeled by their teachers and administrators. CCS seeks to hire full-time licensed teachers who will teach and impact the students’ lives with love, creativity and professionalism.

In addition, CCS is impacting not only its students but their families. Partnerships with area churches and other organizations are allowing us to effect community change through Bible studies, livelihood projects, volunteerism programs, and the school’s integral parent-involvement program.